The Third Commandment, Williejay’s Commandment, Compound Productive:

There is a third commandment that we are to do (after the first two that Christ stated all things hung on).  It is the following.  Doing these compound, compound and compound like interest and factors to make your life better and better and better and better:

  • Get your mind right
  • Learn how to live before you life
  • Have time schedules for your life
  • Re-study how to live and do right

And the things we are to be taught, how to live are:

  • The Family Values
  • Communication and Treatment
  • The Character we are to Have
  • How to Marry God’s Way
  • Expectations and Depression
  • How we are to Serve Each Other
  • The Third Commandment, Williejay’s Commandment, Compound Productive

If you apply the 1st commandment, 2nd commandment then 3rd (and the things in it) then you will compound, compound, compound, compound ... your life to be better as compound interested does; so if you understand compound interest then you can understand the power of this.