This page serves to show the team projects I (Williejay) would like me and salespeople to work on.  Here are the great projects of Williejay:

Improve Black America It seems nobody made great effort to improve the family lives of blacks.  This is an effort of a potent combination of services and products to get it done:

·        Stop the Cycle (STC) Facebook page (Click Here)-featuring very controversial family topics and sometimes specially for USA blacks.  This could be coupled by me being contracted to do radio guest interviews, commercials and ….

·        The Books-these are pre-marriage and live books which took over 15 diligent years to make (Click Here);

· site for kids (look at the framework).  Kids would love to participate in the future providing:

1.     Teen Chat Dates (Click Here)

2.     Kid’s Talent Shows (needs financing)

3.     A Prisoner’s Interview Show (needs financing)

Locals Bests This is the next,  It will serve small businesses.  It will get them sales by advertising only their best products and/or services.  It is also a community-based site which facilitates the things that communities need (politics, investing …).  The site can run now.  It has additional features to be added. 


The categories of the site are based on what is actually needed, which may be hard to comprehend but is right.  Checkout the site (Click Here).

Fish and Chicken Batters I have chicken batter … recipes better than KFC.  All we need is a contract (s).  Ideally the batters … would be sold in stores but that is an option.


Other recipes to be considered are:

Collard Greens

New Type of Drinks (Game Changers)

Fried Cornbread

Tartar Sauce

Hot Dog Chili

Industrial Engineering I possibly know how to save industries money on their water expenses.  I am an engineer.  And it is an engineering secret I kept a long time.  This would save companies thousands of dollars per year.


It took me about 9 diligent years to develop these recipes.