KNOW:  I am willing to listen to any great business deal, just send me a message thru the contact page.  And I am flexible.  I have a squeaky clean background.  I am an engineer graduate (from Georgia Tech 1998) and have the business system needed to pivot the projects below.


-Williejay T. Strong

These are the business ideas I need investors for.  I do not know why anyone would not buy into my ideas because:

  • A very small amount of money would be needed to fund any of them until they grow.;
  • The more money they make then the more profit will be made;
  • The business lines are greatly needed, lucrative, easy-to-do and “nobody” is doing;

The business lines are listed as I think are important to God; so continue to read to discover Positively Super opportunities.

E-mail me at if you do not hear from me thru the Contact webform.

The next or I have a business system that is a website.  It is such that it gives small businesses something they greatly need- that had not be yet provided.  It also gives a lot of people things they need that had been yet provided.  It perfect supplements the other businesses out there.  And is the next big business.


·        It is simple to run.


·        It just needs advertising.


·        And it can expand to other countries. 

Books I spent 15 diligent years composing these Great Revolutionary Books.  They are really what we need to learn, how to live (how to marry (no other book covered in such broad, details and depth-this is the advice one needs before he/she marries), the technical steps to take to have a good life, business to do, work to do, how to communicate, how to make decisions, how to think).  Mankind been needing these books from the beginning.


They teach us “All” aspects about Christian life.  These books would fix the world so greatly, fix so many problems people would have; and I know this is what God is telling us for this COVID-19 time.


I am open to a publishing deal.  Sales would come in “Forever.”  Please help, this is God’s work.  If you cannot help then please refer me to someone who can.


I also have a cookbook which really teaches how to make the best grilled steak, or pork chops.  They are basically guaranteed to please.

Please purchase a copy of the books for review on  The USA greatly needs these products.


I have books waiting to be copyrighted:

-Pre and Post Mate Partner Conversation and Activities to do:

·        Gives mate partners the needed things to converse about (very entertaining, appropriate and a lot (basic daily routine conversation, deep needed topics …)

·        Introduces one to a great part of life, chat communication

·        Gives unique communication and activities to produce love

·        Gives the things to check before mate partnering

-Practical Christianity

·        Technically teaches how to solve all problems

·        Teaches why the world is like it is

·        Teaches the important parts of Christian life

·        Teaches how to think

·        Teaches how to deal with others

·        Teaches basics of marriage

·        Teaches how to manage depression

The Matching The world been needing a way to match us people for marriage … This website would do that.  The matchmaking system took 15 diligent years to develop by me.


This is the future of online dating.  This site would be better than all other dating sites.  It could become the new Facebook.


Bad marriage is a problem that is so big it is hard to grasp all it affects.  This would fix people finding the wrong mates.  Think of all the people in the world this could make money off of.  Sales would come in “Forever.”  Please help, this is God’s work.  If you cannot help then please refer me to someone who can.

The matching criterion is made.  The website is not made.  This would go worldwide. AVAILABLE
Invention Idea 1 This is a concept design for new ice trays to prevent:

-Spillage when transferring them with water in them

-Stacked ice trays from sticking together.


I guarantee you they will replace current ice trays.  They will not cost more to produce than current ice trays and are as light.

Invention Idea 2-The Cube The Cube would be a new technology far better than the iPad.  It would replace a lot of typical computers; in fact it is another type of computer-in the wave of the future, ideal and sleek.  It will sell, many people will prefer it.


·        It would put a lot of technology in one place;

·        It would make systems compatible to make a one-fit solution;

·        It provides easy mobile and office systems that interchangeably work;

·        A lot of software … computer companies would want to get in;

·        It would not cost consumers to much;

·        It would not be too costly to produce;



Think of how much money would be made off this from people all over the world.

Invention Idea 3 I have the design for a business program that does all the work for one that a high-end business has for general business.  It is for entrepreneurs.  It is about time all of the USA are able to have great businesses.  Sales would come in “Forever.”  Please help, this is God’s work.  If you cannot help then please refer me to someone who can. It is designed for the USA; it is:  sleek, simple and works.  A company like Yahoo or Microsoft would love to have it. AVAILABLE
Invention 4-Food I been blessed with coming up with chicken batter recipes that makes chicken breasts taste:

-Like Chick-Fil-A

-Better than KFC


No black person could deny my collard greens that could be sold in cans.


And I have the best recipe for tartar sauce on the market.


I have a recipes for a new type of drink:  Alcoholic Sodas.  The formulations work only with certain components which I discovered; they will be addictive, have low alcohol, are easy to manufacturer and have an unbelievably great new taste.


All these products could be sold via Etsy, E-bay ….  But might be better sold in stores.


Need an investor.

Co-Cures This information would co-cure so many people who have schizophrenia and/or depression.  Think of how many sales can be made, how many people all over the world need this. And it Works.


The information is based on one’s actual experience using this information.  It makes all sense.  Before we could not communicate/understand people with schizophrenia.


Sales would come in “Forever.”  Please help, this is God’s work.  If you cannot help then please refer me to someone who can.

The book is composed and finalized. This would go worldwide. AVAILABLE
Stop The Cycle This would be a hot Facebook Page, webpage.  Where we talk about marriage problems in our communities (particular how blacks fail causing them desolation).  The Facebook is Real Dope Facebook Page Exists. AVAILABLE


They pay breakdown would ideally follow the breakdown of this file (CLICK HERE); upon reasonable terms I am completely flexible.