KNOW:  I am willing to listen to any great business deal, just send me a message thru the contact page.  And I am flexible.  I have a squeaky clean background.  I am an engineer graduate (from Georgia Tech 1998) and have the business system needed to pivot the projects below.


-Williejay T. Strong

These are the business, and invention ideas I need investors for.  I am an engineer graduate so I know when an idea is a great idea.  I do not know why anyone would not buy into my ideas because:

  • A very small amount of money would be needed to fund any of them until they grow; I would work with the design company that I work with now.
  • The invention ideas are greatly needed;
  • The business lines are greatly needed, lucrative, easy-to-do and “nobody” is doing;

If you would like to work with me to sell these ideas to someone/others then please let me know.

E-mail me at if you do not hear from me thru the Contact webform.  Anyhow:  It is imperative that we do a live video chat via Skype or WhatsApp to make sure you are communicating with me.  

The Matching The world been needing a way to match us people for marriage … This website would do that.  The matchmaking system took 15 diligent years to develop by me.


This is the future of online dating.  This site would be better than all other dating sites.  It could become the new Facebook.


Bad marriage is a problem that is so big it is hard to grasp all it affects.  This would fix people finding the wrong mates.  Think of all the people in the world this could make money off of.  Sales would come in “Forever.”  Please help, this is God’s work.  If you cannot help then please refer me to someone who can.


So many people think they can find the right match among about 105 factors and 6 variables that need to all be matched.  How can one’s mind put all that together just by looking at a person?  Not including the likelihood of even connecting with a right person.  So the world needs a matching service that works.

The matching criterion is made.  The website is not made. AVAILABLE
Invention Idea-The Cube The Cube would be a new technology far better than the iPad.  It would replace a lot of typical computers; in fact it is another type of computer-in the wave of the future, ideal and sleek.  It will sell, many people will prefer it.


·        It would put a lot of technology in one place;

·        It would make systems compatible to make a one-fit solution;

·        It provides easy mobile and office systems that interchangeably work;

·        A lot of software … computer companies would want to get in;

·        It would not cost consumers to much;

·        It would not be too costly to produce;



Think of how much money would be made off this from people all over the world.

I started paying for this with a design company. AVAILABLE
Invention Idea-Kitchen Upgrade 1 This is a concept design for new ice trays to prevent:

-Spillage when transferring them with water in them

-Stacked ice trays from sticking together.


I guarantee you they will replace current ice trays.  They will not cost more to produce than current ice trays and are as light.

Invention Idea-Kitchen Upgrade 2 This would be a much-needed kitchen storage system.

It would provide:

·        Much more storage in a needed area;

·        Be easy to Install;

·        Be cheap to make and buy;

Most people will eventually see they need it.  With so many people needing it and the world being so big profit would be so large and continue.

Invention Idea-Kitchen Upgrade 3 This is a new type of food strainer system.  It:

·        Much prevents one from being burned;

·        Makes cleanup less hassle;

·        Much easier to use than conventional strainers;

So many people get burned by using traditional strainers.  And sometimes it causes a big mess.  This is an ideal system and will be preferred.

Invention Idea- App. 1 This app:

·        Does something that most people has not recognized they need for their cellular phones;

·        It would be a great help to people; ease their lives;

·        Someone is eventually (soon) going to do it;

It makes sense and is a game changer.

Invention Idea-Team Lift Carpenters … would not need to pay labor to help them lift and move items.

·        The Lifting systems would be safe, strong and dependable;

·        The systems would not cost too much for carpenters;

·        The systems are ideal;


Also see the Starter Investors page for investment projects.  Know:  I have many more secret Super ideas not presented on this website.