The creation of earth, according to the Bible, is calculated to be 4004 B. C.  James Ussher, a Bishop in the Church of Ireland (1625 to 1656), calculated that. The Bishop took the genealogies of Genesis to calculate the date.  That date is not correct though because he did not consider this:  that with God one “day” is as 1, 000 years (2 Peter 3:8).  If we take this into account, the earth was actually created around 1, 461, 460, 000 B.C.  This is in agreement with current scientists’ estimations.  1, 461,460, 000 years = 4004 years * 365 days / 1 year * 1000 years / day.


Revelations 20:2 says Christ will seize the Devil and Satan for “1, 000 years.”  Again with God, one “day” is as 1, 000 years (2 Peter 3:8).  If we take this into account then the earth would last 365 million years after Christ began preaching.  365 million years is how long many scientists estimate earth will remain.  So the years now match.


The Bible says the Devil is the author of confusion and his number is 666 (Revelations 13: 18).  I believe that 666 refers to the date Confucianism was created.   God said the Devil is the author of confusion.  Confucianism provided guidelines for many ideologies:  democracy, capitalism, Christianity, Islam, and Buddhism.  But Confucianism said that God was not needed for civil organization.  Confucianism is a great impact and was wrong.


The Bible tells that God’s kingdom would be re-established on earth from Heaven in 1914 A.D. I believe that the appearing of Mary to three Portuguese boys in 1917 A.D. then the miracle being performed and photographed was the re-establishment, Proof again of God’s Kingdom on earth from Heaven. Bible chronology indicates that God’s Kingdom was established in heaven in 1914. This is shown by a prophecy recorded in chapter 4 of the Bible book of Daniel.