I am Williejay T. Strong.  My real name is Williejason Terrell Strong.  I am a Life Artist and Life Engineer; that is my mission in life; I created a conglomerate of Revolutionary things for good living including Biblical correlation discoveries, business lines, books, and innovation ideas.  I believe in Christianity …,<all good teachings.>


I may have come up with the exact details of how we should think and feel as humans concerning "everything in general", how we each should live, the "Tree of Live."  The information is detailed in my book What it is all About available thru  Also I remember being in Heaven before I was born (it was not a dream).


My life is just like Jason of the "House of Jason" in the Bible. I am anointed by God, evident by the discoveries He walked me thru. Part of my name is Jason. Willie, Terrell and Strong of my name mean Strong. And the house of Jason was Strong.


I believe in Christianity …,all good teachings.  I am different by:

  • Seeking to do right since age 10, all the way since 17;
  • God gives me songs in my dreams to produce;
  • I have all the experience … for giving advice and creating the life system I created, Walton B. Strong;


I live to complete the following things:
1. Live good: Stay way from battle/wars/fights. Not allow myself to be abused by avoiding all circumstances that would cause that or by preventing it when I can, appreciating values (which is being actually really "rich"). This includes treating people great even if I am treated wrong by them or situations. Be positive all the time. Have only good things in my life. Being wealthy by using my talents with God: To attain financial providence.
2. Be Happy. No matter what financial or health level I am on. I will be ok with it. Being able to be this way is a mental thing that Really is true and needs to be that way for all people.
3. To take care of my family when needed.

Sincerely and Thanks,

Williejay T. Strong